750R Broad Street Jackson Square, East Weymouth, MA 02189

Meet The Artisans

Gloria Watanabe
The Boston Woman
I love working with my hands and seeing a finished object that turns out even better than the piece I'd imagined in my head. I make simple clothing designs and women's accessories out of a variety of materials, including re-purposed canvas. I recently became smitten with quilting and have started making quilted handbags, tote bags and table linens out of high quality cotton that is backed with a natural cotton batting and then hand-quilted on my sewing machine. I look for unique, coordinating material for the lining of my purses and for my reversible table linens.
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Janet Nelson
Creative Crochet
My name is Janet Nelson and my business name is “Creative “Crochet”. After retiring from the corporate world I found I couldn’t stay home. I needed something more to do. I did a couple of odd jobs but that was not satisfying to me so I decided to learn how to crochet. I looked into making adjustable crochet necklaces. Once I completed that process, I started making earrings and bracelets to match. I also made eyeglass holders and lanyards. I still do that but now I added natural gemstone pendants crocheting the chains with Italian sequin yarn. The yarn is so thin that it actually looks like a chain. I also make pendants for children. My next adventure is doing wire wrapped jewelry.
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Kim Hutchinson
KC Originals
Hi there! My name is Kim Hutchinson owner of KC Originals and KC Graphics. I am a graphic designer and artisan. My design background has inspired me to bring my passion for creating unique personalized custom items to several different mediums. My town pillow designs are my most popular item, I am currently working on a line of outdoor pillows made with Sunbrella material that will have my town designs on them. I can customize any design to incorporate phrases and information tailored to each celebration or individual. I also offer a line of unique hand painted wine and beer glasses that are top rack dishwasher safe and can be customized for any occasion or individual.
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Tara Duane
JT's Timber Treasures
My husband and I enjoy woodworking in the little free time we get. Raising two girls takes up most of it, but woodworking for us is a way to escape. Our girls help out with some projects. They also enjoy working with their hands. We really enjoy the quality time together doing something we love. We work with all kinds of wood, and do custom requests all the time. if there is something different you want feel free to ask and I will let you know if it is something we can make.
Linda Trott
Trott's Treasures
Hi, my name is Linda Trott, And I'm happy to be one of the Artists at JACKSON SQUARE ARTISANS. I've always had a passion for nature, and creating art made with materials found in nature such as stones/rocks, tree roots, interesting pieces of wood or bark. I love plant life and enjoy incorporating it into the pieces I find. As an avid mountain climber ( climbed fifty plus mountains over 4000 feet), hiker, snowshoer, kayaker, I've been able to collect some unique pieces of wood, roots, pine cones, bark, even sticks stripped of their bark by beavers! And use them to create pieces that can be both unique, beautiful and practical as well as affordable for all you treasure hunters out there! Best regards and hope to see you TREASURE HUNTING at JACKSON SQUARE ARTISIANS soon, Warmly, Linda Trott Creator of TROTTS TREASURES.
Cindy Hastings
My name is Cindy Hastings, and I am a decorative painting artist. I began painting about 14 years ago while raising my six children. After several requests for my painting work, I realized that I could take this to the next level. What initially began as a hobby became a thriving home-based business. My work is sold in several shops on the South Shore including Jackson Square Artisans in Jackson Square, Weymouth. Hand painted wine glasses, furniture, slates, signs, flower pots, gift boxes and more are on display. My love for nature and flowers is reflected in many of my pieces. I specialize in custom order family name and town name signs. I also personalize wedding invitations with painted flowers, seashells, etc. and frame them as a keepsake.
Maureen Jenkins
Scented Gel Shoppe
My name is Maureen Jenkins. I am the owner of Scented Gel Shoppe. Take a peek inside my hutch here at Jackson Square Artisans to see the gel candles, handmade soaps, bath bombs, body butters and aroma sachets that are made by me in my home in Weymouth Landing. I started making gel candles a few years ago after receiving a set of outdoor candles made by my sister. They were beautiful, slow burning and wonderfully scented. I thought of so many ways to customize that type of candle to use for outdoor parties and couldn’t wait to make them myself. After a lesson, and a blessing from her, I started making my Porch ‘n Patio candles. Still today I enjoy the chance to be creative and coordinate the look of the candle with the theme of the party. Soap making was a challenge that was hard to resist. After learning the process and knowing the simple ingredients needed and, more importantly, those detergents NOT needed for soap to be soap, my focus went further into bath and body products where I am today. My plans going forward are to keep a line of unscented candles, soaps and body care products in stock because these are so often requested. Also, there are many new treatments for stress and anxiety these days that include the use of aroma as therapy. The sense of smell is powerful and can trigger memory and can have a positive effect on mood and stress reduction. Many Scented Gel Shoppe products, such as our aroma sachets, solid perfumes, and scented gel pods, are purse-size and perfect for a quick scented pick-me-up. When you visit the store, the hutch door may be closed. Feel free to open and browse. I like to keep it closed so that the fragrant smells don’t become over-powering and an irritant to anyone.
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Peggy Trott
Peggy's Art
Aaron Wujcik